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Fact Sheet About Governor Ellis G. Arnall

1907 in Newman, Georgia


Political Career:

- Youngest Representative ever elected to the Georgia General Assembly
- Georgia Attorney General
- Governor of Georgia between 1943 and 1947

Accomplishments While Governor:

- Attaining accreditation of the university system
- Establishing a teachers' retirement system
- Creating a merit system for state employees
- Repealing the state's poll tax
- Reforming the state's penal system
- Lowering the voting age
- Paying off the state's debts
- Fighting discriminatory freight rates

Legal Career:
Co-founder in 1949 of Arnall Golden & Gregory, LLP with Sol I. Golden and Cleburne Gregory, Jr.


- When asked what he was proudest of during his time as Governor, Arnall replied "Spending more than 50 cents of every dollar on education. I believe in a free and open education."
- In connection with abolishing the poll tax, allowing even the poorest citizen to vote without having to pay for the right to do so, he said "Politics is the science of bringing people together on a common concept."
- While bringing widespread reform to the education system he said "Education is the cure for ignorance, poverty, and disease."
- Arnall's abiding faith in democracy led him to say "There is nothing wrong with government that democracy won't cure."

Additional Reading:
The Politics of Change in Georgia: A Political Biography of Ellis Arnall by Harold Paulk Henderson (University of Georgia Press).
The Governship of Ellis Arnall Georgia Historical Quarterly, vol. LXXIV, No. 4, Winter, 1990



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